About Us

KASMA is a non-profit, non-partisan and independent organization which operates exclusively for charitable purposes.

Our organization conduct its affairs with emphasis on:

  • Empowerment- shall work for individual, groups and community level empowerment
  • Equity and equality- shall work and provide service with principles of equity and equality. Equal and fair treatment is our unique character.
  • Excellence – work for and with application of excellency of wisdom, knowledge ,skill and characters
  • Honesty and transparency – stand and work with transparent manner
  • Honesty and transparency – stand and work with transparent manner
  • Collaboration – work in collaboration with others and all stakeholders
  • Unity- strengthen unity among variety components of the community
  • Sustainability- work and follow sustainable solution and programs
  • Integrity & Trust—built a reputation for honesty and truthfulness; role modelled
  • Vision—a strategic mind offering vision and direction through inspiration
  • Courage—showed incredible bravery and confidence in the face of adversity
  • Competence—effective, reliable and made an impact
  • Fairness—just and meritocratic in dealings including with non-Muslims
  • Decisiveness—would not sit on the fence, but consider options then make a clear decision
  • Servant-leadership—led by example; faced hardship with the people; action not just words
  • Wisdom—able to make considered judgement drawing on knowledge and long-term view
  • Patience—showed deep resilience, forgiveness and ability to go all the way
  • Compassion and Warmth—radiated heart, affection, appreciation and gentleness
  • Emotional and Spiritual intelligence—able to inspire hope; give people purpose and meaning
  • Good stewardship, and non-discriminatory practices