A Member is a contributing person who abides by Islamic ethics(ethics is enough), organization bylaws and pays membership dues on time.


  • Any person interested in membership shall apply. The application shall be reviewed by the Members Registration Department. Approved applicant shall become a member upon payment of membership dues.
  • All donors with documented donations equivalent to their membership fees who meet membership criteria shall be granted membership upon completion of their membership application.
  •  Effective date of membership is the date donation is received or submission of application whichever is later.


An applicant whose membership application has been denied can request a hearing by the Administration from Organizing Directorate to president level


Any member can resign from membership at any time.


The Organization may suspend or revoke a member or reinstate a former member according to such terms and conditions deemed appropriate by it.

Membership Types

The membership of the organization consists of:

  • The people who were active in laying a foundation for the organization starting from conception, the very beginning
  • Members before the by-laws were adopted, and remain so by paying the membership dues (if any) and donations.
  • Founding Members

“Founding Members” have voting rights and can contribute to and propose changes to the organization by-laws. The have get recognition and certified up on request. However, the decision for the adoption of the changes will rely solely with the Executive council.


The people who joined the organization after it was formed and its by-laws adopted and remain so by paying the membership dues (if any) and donations shall be called the “Members” (also known as “Current Members”). “Members” have voting rights to elect their representatives and organization Executive council Members.

Honorary Members

  • Honorary Membership is offered in recognition of outstanding community services. The EC may bestow Honorary Membership to an individual in recognition of his/her services.
  • The Executive council, from time to time, shall determine qualification criteria, decide, and elect “Honorary Members” to the Organization. The “Honorary Members” will not have voting right. They are not required to pay registration and membership fee

Affiliated Members

The people wishing to maintain his affiliation with the organization, but do not pay the annual membership dues (if any) and donations may have their names on lists of “Affiliated Members”. The “Affiliated Members” will be also known as the “Base Members” of the organization. The “Affiliated Members” will not have any voting rights.

Junior Members

Anyone under 18 years of age who wishes to join the organization shall be treated as “Junior Members”. They will not have any voting rights and will not be required to pay any membership dues (if any).

Member Classes


Individual members are members who join the organization on their own behalf, whose primary use of the organization services is personal and who agreed, signed to comply with constitution


Two or more person from family might want to be member. The organization shall design mechanisms to treat this kind of case fairly.


Organizational members are members that join the organization on behalf of an organization, their primary use of the Organization services is in support of their organization and they pay annual membership dues sated by EC & GA decision .


Workers are members, including both paid staff and volunteers of the organization, that provide labor to the organization as is directed by the board of directors of the Organization (the “Board”).